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1. My display screen just reveals white or grey. What did I do improper?A. The ribbon cable that connects the LCD to the circuit board was not inserted deeply enough. The tip of the ribbon cable has a slender portion, then a really small much wider portion with two holes at either end, then it narrows again. 2: After replacing the LCD, the LCD is black when in picture taking mode. In movie mode, it works fantastic as a viewfinder; it also does playback of photos taken just wonderful. In picture taking mode, the menu is visible, however the background is just black.A. This isn't an issue with the LCD set up or the backlight if the LCD is working in film and playback modes. It's essential do a reset to resolve this downside. To reset, hold down the "menu" button for about 5 seconds (I did this in film mode in order that I might see the display screen, it may work in other modes as properly. I also took out my memory card to do this… A pop-up will ask you to confirm "reset settings to default? If you're ready to find out more in regards to check out our own web-site.

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